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Why are UK universities and UK schools relying on vetted family homestay accommodation for UK international students?

UK universities and UK schools are relying on vetted family homestay accommodation for international students for several reasons: It provides a safe and secure living environment for students often away from home for the first time. Homestays offer a better immersive cultural experience and the opportunity for students to practice their English language skills. The families who provide homestay accommodation are vetted for suitability to ensure they meet a range of specific standards, including providing a comfortable and clean living space. Homestay accommodation offers a superior level of care; It is less expensive than other housing options for international students because it includes guardianship, accommodation with all facilities, full board, snacks, laundry, transport, activities and much more. It allows for easing the transition to life in a new country, as students have support and guidance from their homestay families. By living with a local family, international students

Why the British council provides Safeguarding certifications to host families for hosting under 18 UK overseas students?

The British Council provides safeguarding training and certifications to host family homestay accommodation for under 18 UK overseas students because of the following reasons: Protecting students' welfare: The welfare and safety of young students are of paramount importance. The British Council ensure that students in homestay accommodations are protected from harm and have their best interests at heart. Providing a safe environment: Safeguarding training and certifications for host families help to ensure that homestay environments are safe, secure, and free from abuse or neglect. Host families who have received such training are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a safe and supportive environment for young students. Building trust and confidence: The provision of safeguarding training and certifications by the British Council helps to build trust and confidence in the homestay experience, both for students and their families, as well as for schools and ot

Why is the southeast of England a top destination for UK international students?

The southeast of England is a top destination for UK international students due to several reasons: Prestigious Universities: The southeast of England is home to several of the UK's top universities, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, UCL, LSE, King's College, SOAS, Birkbeck, Queen Mary and the University of London and UAL, Reading and Southampton Universities, which attracts a vast number of international students. Rich Culture and History: The southeast of England is rich in culture and history, offering international students a chance to experience iconic landmarks, museums, and cultural events, such as the famous Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. Multicultural Environment: The southeast of England is home to a diverse and multicultural population, allowing international students to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Strong Economy: The southeast of England is a hub for innovation

How does vetted family homestay in the UK play a critical part in supporting young UK overseas students and UK schools?

Vetted family homestay in the UK plays a critical role in supporting young UK overseas students and UK schools in several ways: Homely Environment: Homestays provide young students with a homely environment that supports their well-being and academic success. Living with a family can help students feel more comfortable and supported, particularly if they are far from their families. Cultural Immersion: Homestays allow students to experience British culture first-hand, helping them to understand the country and its customs better. This can improve their language skills and cultural awareness, which is especially important for students new to the UK. Support Network: Family homestays provide students with a support network that can help them to settle in and adjust to their new surroundings. Host families can offer practical and emotional support, assisting the students in feeling more secure and confident. Improved Learning Outcomes: Living with a family can help students feel more

The Challenges over the growing market of UK overseas under 18 students accommodation

The growing market of UK overseas under 18 students causes challenges in student accommodation due to several reasons: Age restrictions: Accommodation providers may have age restrictions, making it difficult for young students to secure a suitable place to stay. Guardianship: Overseas students under 18 are required to have a legal guardian, which can make it more complicated to arrange and manage their accommodation. Health and safety: Accommodation providers have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of young students, which can pose additional challenges. Different cultural and language needs: Young overseas students may require additional support to settle and accommodation arrangements to help them adapt to a new environment and culture. Increased demand for student accommodation: The growing number of overseas students has increased the demand for student accommodation, making it even more difficult for young students to secure a suitable place to stay. These challen

7 Questions to Ask Before Renting Student Accommodation in Reading

Ensure you're making an informed decision by considering these 7 essential questions about student accommodation in Reading. If you are not renting your student accommodation from the University or school in Reading, you will look privately and should ask yourself a few questions: How many occupants live inside the rented home, 5,8,10 or more, and what is their age group? Are they all students, and if so, are they studying vocational, academic or similar studies? Do students' friends are also invited to stay in the rented accommodation? Reading central has its challenges regarding safety and places to avoid. Are you in a safe residential area? How long does it actually take you to get to your school or Reading University from your bedroom door to your classroom? Is there a guardian, CCTV cameras, health & safety, cleaners and DBS-checked occupant on site? Does the size of the kitchen, fridge & freezer and laundry room are suited for 5 occupants or more to cook simultane

UK boarding schools information about ranking lists for international students

There are several reputable ranking lists available online that you may find helpful. Here are some resources to consider: The Times and Sunday Times Good Schools Guide: This guide lists top boarding schools in the UK based on various factors, including academic results, student-teacher ratio, and facilities. The Telegraph UK Boarding School Guide: This guide provides a comprehensive list of boarding schools in the UK and includes reviews, rankings, and detailed information about each school. The Independent Schools Council (ISC): The ISC represents over 1,300 independent schools in the UK, including many boarding schools. They provide information on each school's academic results, fees, and facilities. The Boarding Schools' Association (BSA): The BSA represents over 500 boarding schools in the UK and provides information on admissions, fees, and facilities. It's important to remember that ranking lists are subjective and should not be the only factor considered when ch

Making the Most of Your Reading University Study Abroad Experience

Going overseas for university? Read this guide to learn how to make the most of your Reading University Study Abroad experience! Discover incredible resources, advice, and ideas. Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, hone your language skills, and become more independent. For Reading University students planning to study abroad, this guide will provide helpful resources and advice on how to make the most of this life-changing experience. Plan ahead: Before you go, research the country you will study and learn about its culture, customs, and traditions. This will help you adjust more easily and avoid culture shock. You should also familiarize yourself with the university's policies and procedures; for example, Reading university adheres to AEGIS guidelines for students under 18 hence you must be hosted by vetted suitable host families locally in a student homestay facility which includes transport and enjoy a safe stay. Connect with o

Why do UK Schools and Universities request under 18 UK overseas students to be hosted by DBS-checked host families instead of private accommodation?

UK schools and universities request that under 18 UK overseas students be hosted by DBS-checked (Disclosure and Barring Service) host families instead of private accommodation for several reasons, including: Child protection: Hosting by DBS-checked families provides an additional layer of protection and security for under-18 students, as the families have undergone the maximum level of Police background checks, are trained in safeguarding and are deemed suitable ( visit suitability list ) to provide a safe and supportive environment for minors. Integration and cultural experience: Homestays allow students to integrate into the local community and culture and to experience British life and customs firsthand. This help to broaden their cultural understanding and appreciation and fosters a greater understanding and respect between cultures. Support and supervision: Host families provide students with emotional support, guidance, and care, helping them to feel safe and secure while they

Connect With A Local Host Family In London

Looking for an authentic student homestay experience in London? Consider staying with a host family who can provide safety and the comfort of home alongside the allure of experiencing London like a local. We are a vetted host family in Reading, London , located in Zone 6 on the London tube map, and you can trust us to provide a safe and enjoyable stay! Once you’ve reached out to your host family and finalized your arrangements, take the time to meet with them. During this time, let them show you around their home so you can get familiar with it before moving in. They can also work out details like meal times, dietary requirements, allergies, house rules, laundry, facilities, and a working desk with an internet connection. Additionally, be sure to ask your host family any questions that you may have about living in Reading, London! To connect with a local host family in London , there are several options you can explore: Homestay Programs: Homestay programs offer the opportunity to li

Why using a multilingual host family for students is tapping into unlimited resources?

  Using a multilingual host family for students provides several advantages: Immersion in language and culture: Living with a host family that promotes multi-languages and speaks muti-languages allows students to immerse themselves in new languages and cultures, which helps them become more fluent and culturally aware. Improved language skills: Students have the chance to practice and improve their language skills in a natural and authentic setting with native speakers who can provide feedback and support. Enhanced cultural understanding: Living with a multilingual host family exposes students to different cultural customs, values, and perspectives, which can help them develop a more nuanced global worldview. Real-life language practice: Staying with a multilingual host family allows students to practice the language they are learning in real-life situations, such as shopping, cooking, and participating in everyday activities. Opportunities for intercultural exchange : Living wit

Why do bilingual and multilingual students tend to perform better at school?

Research has shown that multilingual students tend to achieve better in school for several reasons: Improved cognitive skills: Being bilingual or multilingual has been linked to enhanced problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Better memory and attention: Multilingual students often have better memory and attention skills, which can help them excel in the classroom. Higher cultural awareness: Multilingual students are exposed to diverse cultures and perspectives, which can help them develop a broader understanding of the world and be more open-minded. Enhanced language skills: Fluent in multiple languages help students better understand and process information and improve their overall language skills. Improved academic achievement: Studies have shown that multilingual students often score higher on standardized tests and have higher grades than monolingual students. It's important to note that these benefits are optional and can vary depending on the studen

Why are UK schools requesting overseas students under 18 to use AEGIS guidelines and enhanced DBS check vetted host families?

The use of AEGIS guidelines and enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks for host families of overseas students under 18 in the UK is likely due to concerns about safeguarding the welfare and well-being of the students. AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) is a UK-based organization that sets standards and guidelines for the guardianship of international students. At the same time, the enhanced DBS check is a more comprehensive background check used to screen individuals for work with children or vulnerable adults. By requiring overseas students under 18 to stay with host families who have been vetted using these guidelines and checks, schools in the UK aim to ensure that the students are placed in safe and suitable living arrangements during their studies. This is important because these students may be living away from home for the first time and may be vulnerable to abuse or exploitation. Overall, using AEGIS guidelines an

Why do UK boarding schools rely on vetted host families?

  UK boarding schools rely on vetted host families for several reasons: Increased Demand: There has been a growing demand for UK boarding schools from international students, particularly from countries outside Europe. Host families provide a secure, supportive and familiar environment for these students, which is particularly essential for younger students. Emergencies and sickness: Host families provide emergency stays. Cultural Experience: Living with a host family provide international students with a unique cultural experience and helps them integrate into the local community. Cost-Effective Solution: Host families provide an all-in-one, cost-effective alternative to traditional boarding school accommodation, which can be expensive. Improved Welfare: Host families provide additional support and care for international students, which helps strengthen their welfare while studying away from home. Fostering Relationships: Host families provide a valuable opportunity for internatio

What is the relationship between UK boarding schools, UK schools, AEGIS, UKVI, UK overseas students and the UK family homestay?

  UK boarding schools are private schools in the United Kingdom that offer student boarding facilities. UK schools refer to all schools in the United Kingdom, including state-run and private schools. The British Council is an organization that promotes cultural relations and educational opportunities between the UK and other countries. AEGIS (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) is a UK-based organization that provides support and guidance for international students in UK boarding schools. UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) is a part of the UK Home Office responsible for issuing visas to individuals who want to come to the UK for study, work, or other purposes. UK overseas students are individuals from other countries who come to the UK to study in schools or universities. UK family homestay is an accommodation where international students live with a host family in their home during their stay in the UK. The vetted family provides the student with a

Why have UK boarding schools adopted AEGIS guidelines as part of their policies for UK overseas students?

The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students (AEGIS) is a UK-based organization that provides guidelines and support for boarding schools that host international students. The adoption of AEGIS guidelines by UK boarding schools is driven by many factors, including the need to provide safe, supportive, and high-quality environments for overseas students and to comply with UK government regulations and best practices in the education and guardianship of international students. AEGIS guidelines help boarding schools ensure that they are providing safe and appropriate living family homestay accommodation arrangements for international students and meeting their specific needs and requirements. The guidelines cover a wide range of issues, including accommodation, pastoral care, health and safety, and education and support services. By adopting these guidelines, UK boarding schools can ensure that they provide a supportive and high-quality environment for int

Why does vetted family homestay represent an all-in-one package for UK overseas students, including but not limited, Guardianship, educational support, guidance, safety and quality care?

The vetted family homestay offers an all-in-one package for UK overseas students because it provides a comprehensive range of support and services, including: Guardianship: Overseas students are placed with a vetted and trusted host family who acts as their legal guardian, providing them with a safe and secure environment during their stay in the UK. Educational support: Host families are trained to provide educational support to their guests, including helping with schoolwork and academic planning. Guidance: Host families advise their guests on various issues, including adapting to life in the UK and making the most of their time in the country. Safety: Vetting and training processes ensure that host families provide a safe and secure environment for overseas students, reducing the risk of potential harm or danger. Quality care: Host families provide high-quality care and support to their guests, including meals, accommodation, and a supportive home environment. By offering these

Why overseas students chose the UK for their education?

The United Kingdom is one of the world's most popular destinations for international students seeking higher education. The country is renowned for its excellent universities, high-quality education, and diverse cultural experience. According to the latest data from the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), over 500,000 international students were enrolled in UK universities in the academic year 2019-20. There are several reasons why students choose the UK for their education. Firstly, the quality of education in the UK is highly regarded globally. Many of the UK's universities are among the world's top institutions and offer a wide range of courses and programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The UK is also home to some of the world's leading research institutions, allowing students to work alongside experienced researchers and contribute to cutting-edge research projects. Secondly, the UK's diverse cultural experience is a major attr

Why is Reading one of the UK and Europe's most vibrant and prosperous towns?

Reading is considered one of the most dynamic and prosperous towns in the UK and Europe for several reasons: Robust economy: Reading has a strong and diverse economy, with industries ranging from technology, Hollywood film studios, Madejski Stadium, finance, and retail to education, healthcare, and tourism. Growing technology sector: Reading is home to the most thriving technology sector, with a significant presence of global technology companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Huawei. Well-connected transportation: Reading has excellent transport links and is officially on the London tube map with its 2022 latest 20 Billion underground Elizabeth line linking Reading central to London-Paddington in 23 minutes, the new smart M4 motorway, 4 train stations, and proximity to London Heathrow No1 airport, making it easily accessible from other parts of the UK and Europe. Skilled workforce: The town has a highly skilled and educated workforce, making it an attractive location for businesse

Why is vetted family homestay for UK overseas students preferred by UK Boarding schools, AEGIS and UKVI?

  Safety and security : Vetted family homestays provide a safe and secure environment for young students far from home. This is also particularly important for younger students who are attending boarding schools. Cultural Immersion: Family homestays offer students the opportunity to experience the local culture firsthand and learn about the customs, traditions, and lifestyle of a British family. This help students develop faster and more efficiently to life in a new country. Language Practice: Living with a British family and, better yet, a multi-language family offers students the opportunity to practice multi-languages and their English language skills daily. This can be particularly beneficial for students learning English as a second language and others languages. Monitoring and Supervision: Family homestays provide extra monitoring and supervision for students, which are considered necessary for boarding schools and UKVI when considering student visas. So much so today that mo

Why Reading is our favorite city in the UK

Why Reading is our favourite city in the UK   Many students who come to our homestay are looking to improve their English language skills and gain access to the world of resources at the doorstep of our city here in Reading . But many people don’t know about the wonderful sites and experiences within our city. With a short ride to London, the focus is often on what the major city offers; however, second to London, Reading is regarded as the best town in the UK for economic activity, student life, and quality of life.   Here are our favourite places in Reading that we recommend to all our students and visitors… View Island Located near Caversham Lock on the River Thames, View Island is a quiet oasis in nature, away from the stresses and pressures of daily life. It is a small park with grass pathways that feature famous wooden sculptures nestled in the woods. Recovered from an abandoned boatyard in 1998, this island is now a spot of relaxation and immersion in nature.     Highclere Castl