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Why Reading is our favorite city in the UK

Why Reading is our favourite city in the UK   Many students who come to our homestay are looking to improve their English language skills and gain access to the world of resources at the doorstep of our city here in Reading . But many people don’t know about the wonderful sites and experiences within our city. With a short ride to London, the focus is often on what the major city offers; however, second to London, Reading is regarded as the best town in the UK for economic activity, student life, and quality of life.   Here are our favourite places in Reading that we recommend to all our students and visitors… View Island Located near Caversham Lock on the River Thames, View Island is a quiet oasis in nature, away from the stresses and pressures of daily life. It is a small park with grass pathways that feature famous wooden sculptures nestled in the woods. Recovered from an abandoned boatyard in 1998, this island is now a spot of relaxation and immersion in nature.     Highclere Castl

Top 5 Day Trips to Take from Reading to Explore the UK

One of the main reasons students come to our Homestay and study abroad in Reading  or UK Boarding students use our Homestay during exeat is its convenient location relative to other compelling destinations in the UK.  Reading is located West of London on the official London tube map . From our Homestay, you can access Theale train station just 0.7 miles down the road with a Direct train to London-Paddington in 28 min , and Reading's  main central train station is 20-min away by Bus. The bus station is only a 1-min walk from our Homestay and IKEA retail Park to access the whole country at your fingertips!   Here are the top five day trips that we recommend taking… Oxford Accessible in just a 29-min train ride, reading residents can visit the oldest University in the world, famous for its alumni, including Stephen Hawking, C.S. Lewis, and Hugh Grant. Visit Christ Church College, the Bodleian Library, and other famous architectural sites to experience your picturesque English scener

Why Our Homestay is the Best Option for Students Studying Abroad

As an eco-conscious family of three, we are experts in hospitality and have been in the business for years. Our careers have spanned HR, the restaurant industry, and medical nursing, and we create a hospitable, welcoming, and comfortable environment for every student who comes to stay.  Reading is a wonderful place to study abroad for all the cultural, travel, and English language opportunities the city affords. Here are four qualities that make our homestay the best full package option for your study abroad plans: Close to Reading Central: The property itself is within 1-min walking distance to IKEA Reading with the large Sainsbury complex retail park including Mac Donalds, Pharmacy, clothes shops, currency exchange, Math & English tuitions , Costa, Boots, Bank, so you will have quick and easy access to food, fun, and all your necessities and access to the main bus stop taking you to Reading central in 20 min.  We can also easily drive to Reading University in 10 min and JMA

Why the UK is the Best Place for Improving Your English Language Skills

With a world of options when it comes to finding somewhere to study abroad, the UK is the best place in the world if you are looking to improve your English language skills. Our homestay offers an excellent Package  option, including Educational Guardianship and Transport for all English students . Because of its key location, it is also nestled just outside the world’s most famous English-speaking city—London.   Here are the qualities that make the UK the best place to learn and improve your English A variety of accents and international speakers The UK has some of the English world’s highest level of accent variety per square foot. With major variations across the country and cities that are international hubs to English speakers worldwide, learning English in the UK will equip you for any situation. You will gain the ability to hear through any accent and decipher meaning from exposure to a variety of English speakers in your day-to-day life.   Cultural centres to expand your voca

Important Life Skills You Will Gain from Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting prospect for so many students because of the new adventures, challenges, and opportunities it will bring. One thing is for sure—every study abroad experience winds up bringing more wealth of experience to the individual than they ever would have imagined. Coming to stay with us in Reading , so many students are excited to explore cities, try new foods, and shop in stores they can’t access where they are from. But, in the end, the study abroad experience has brought our students so much more than just that. Here are some of the wonderful, lifelong benefits that you will see, that you might not be thinking of right now… Expanded network of connections Living in another country and staying at our homestay means gaining access to a whole new circle of friendship connections that you will keep with you for the rest of your life. Having friends on the other side of the world, you will be able to travel, learn from their ways and perspective, and build deep rel

Top 3 Reasons to Study Abroad in Reading, UK

When looking to study abroad and enhance one’s English skills, there is an abundance of appealing cities worldwide to choose from. With the US and UK ranking among the most popular options, as English is the predominant spoken language, many of the first locations that come to mind are big cities that can be unaffordable, confusing for newcomers, and fast-paced for those who are not 100% confident in English.   We recommend selecting a smaller city or town outside of the major hubs to get a feel for everyday life and the English language with the support of a native family behind you. Our homestay in Reading is conveniently located near the town's main bus & train station, with a population of roughly 300,000.   There are many perks to choosing to stay in Reading for one’s study abroad… Short ride to London The train to central London (zone 1) is only 26 minutes from Reading and lands visitors right at the famous Paddington Station in the heart of the nation’s capital. Here yo

Why Do International Students Need a Guardian in the UK?

Studying abroad is a memorable, unique, precious and valuable experience for students. They experience a new culture, make friends from all over the world, and broaden their global perspective. It's no wonder over 500,000 international students study abroad in the UK every year. Of these students, about 140,000 come from China, 140,000 from the EU and 52,000 come from India. While studying abroad in the UK is exciting, it can also be a bit intimidating for both students and parents. How can parents be sure that their children will be safe while living and studying in the UK? Luckily, UKVI regulation and Boarding schools require guardianship to ensure the safety of international students.  Guardianship is beneficial for numerous reasons. International students need to have a nearby family they can contact in case of an emergency and help them overcome the challenges of studying abroad in the UK.  Who Needs an Educational Guardian?  All students under the age of 16 and whose pare

Top 5 Benefits of UK Homestays for Students

Planning to study abroad in the UK? You're not alone! Thousand of students choose to study at one of England's world-renowned universities every year. Studying abroad in the UK is extremely popular due to its academic prestige, cultural diversity, tourist attractions, and a wide variety of study opportunities. To study in the UK, you will need either a student visa , child student visa , or a short-term study visa ; more really helpful pieces of information about the student application process can be viewed here UKCISA All teenagers who study abroad in the UK are required to have a guardian and a Host Family under UK legislation. This ensures that students and their parents have a trusted contact in the UK who can be reached at a moment's notice to assist the student. For boarding school students, Although your child will be living at school as their main residence, the school boarding house will normally close for short holidays and maybe some weekends throughout the year

English Language Certificates in the UK

Improving your English language skills is one of the best ways to get a step up in a world where English has become the lingua franca. English is the most commonly spoken second language globally, and people who speak English as an additional language far outnumber those who speak it as a native language.  When it comes to international business, English language skills are a must-have. If you’re interested in improving your English skills and passing exams like the TOEIC, you’re in luck because there is no shortage of English language courses out there! You only need to decide where you’ll study and find a great school in the area.  You can study English anywhere in the world but what better place than England? The country offers a plethora of learning opportunities for those who wish to study English abroad, especially in cities like Reading and London. Over 500,000 international students studied English in the UK in 2019, making it the most popular ELT destination to study English