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7 Questions to Ask Before Renting Student Accommodation in Reading

Ensure you're making an informed decision by considering these 7 essential questions about student accommodation in Reading.

If you are not renting your student accommodation from the University or school in Reading, you will look privately and should ask yourself a few questions:

How many occupants live inside the rented home, 5,8,10 or more, and what is their age group?
Are they all students, and if so, are they studying vocational, academic or similar studies?
Do students' friends are also invited to stay in the rented accommodation?
Reading central has its challenges regarding safety and places to avoid. Are you in a safe residential area?
How long does it actually take you to get to your school or Reading University from your bedroom door to your classroom?
Is there a guardian, CCTV cameras, health & safety, cleaners and DBS-checked occupant on site?
Does the size of the kitchen, fridge & freezer and laundry room are suited for 5 occupants or more to cook simultaneously during dinner times?

Whatever you choose, be sure to ask if all bills are included, and be safe and comfortable! For example, cooking sounds fun, right? But it's a daily repeat situation that includes going shopping, storing, chopping, cooking, washing up & dealing with the bins afterwards. Learning to become independent is good, but in steps and not to the detriment of your studies.

Alternatively, choose an all-in-one package by staying in a student homestay facility with a local host family in Reading.