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Homestay Services

Host Family Services

We can provide
 half and full board
Spacious Student Accommodations with 5x private bedrooms with workspaces
 Fully furnished and equipped, 1 Gbps internet speed and smart TVs
Dedicated Student bathroom and 3 toilets
Breakfast, dining and bar sitting area

Host family Guardian - Homestay Guardian:

UK Based Guardian for Child Student Visa purposes staying at Homestay Reading

UK Based Guardian for Boarding Schools students in the Reading area

UK Based Guardian for Reading day School student

Guardianship for Educational purposes for students staying at Homestay Reading

We (at Homestay Reading) only provide Guardianship to our permanent full-time Reading students staying at Homestay Reading and have been recommending our best-loved AEGIS Gold standards accreditated guardianship agency partners to prospective UK overseas students as we do not place students or offer multi-Guardianships
Visit our links for extra info top right of our blog to view all galleries and e-bike experiences.


And receive our new Student Handbook today!
Bookings are subject to T&C and the house rule agreement.

An inclusive but not exhaustive list for a family guardian hosting students must include the following:
Full vetting from the Police with fully enhanced DBS Certificates
Safeguarding, Gas, Fire alarms, First Aid, British & local council and Food & Hygiene Certificates
Interviews and visit inspections and all relevant insurance
Home and parents' suitability, dedicated bathroom, appropriate paperwork in place, CCTV and more... 

We can also assist with the following

Finding work experience for your child's school curriculum

Enrol your child on English language certification with our Reading school partners at a discounted price.

Buying school books, sim cards and ordering on Amazon

Providing our own e-bikes for a tour around Oxfordshire/Berkshire/Reading

           Photo album of your child's last 2 years with us

Luggage Storage at the end of term and between academic year

Concierge services (House hunting in the UK, admin/paperwork, insurance, Schengen Visa application, house maintenance..)

Use this WhatsApp link or QR code to contact us.


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