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Why Reading is our favorite city in the UK

Why Reading is our favourite city in the UK   Many students who come to our homestay are looking to improve their English language skills and gain access to the world of resources at the doorstep of our city here in Reading . But many people don’t know about the wonderful sites and experiences within our city. With a short ride to London, the focus is often on what the major city offers; however, second to London, Reading is regarded as the best town in the UK for economic activity, student life, and quality of life.   Here are our favourite places in Reading that we recommend to all our students and visitors… View Island Located near Caversham Lock on the River Thames, View Island is a quiet oasis in nature, away from the stresses and pressures of daily life. It is a small park with grass pathways that feature famous wooden sculptures nestled in the woods. Recovered from an abandoned boatyard in 1998, this island is now a spot of relaxation and immersion in nature.     Highclere Castl