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Why the British council provides Safeguarding certifications to host families for hosting under 18 UK overseas students?

The British Council provides safeguarding training and certifications to host family homestay accommodation for under 18 UK overseas students because of the following reasons: Protecting students' welfare: The welfare and safety of young students are of paramount importance. The British Council ensure that students in homestay accommodations are protected from harm and have their best interests at heart. Providing a safe environment: Safeguarding training and certifications for host families help to ensure that homestay environments are safe, secure, and free from abuse or neglect. Host families who have received such training are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a safe and supportive environment for young students. Building trust and confidence: The provision of safeguarding training and certifications by the British Council helps to build trust and confidence in the homestay experience, both for students and their families, as well as for schools and ot