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Why Our Homestay is the Best Option for Students Studying Abroad

As an eco-conscious family of three, we are experts in hospitality and have been in the business for years. Our careers have spanned HR, the restaurant industry, and medical nursing, and we create a hospitable, welcoming, and comfortable environment for every student who comes to stay.  Reading is a wonderful place to study abroad for all the cultural, travel, and English language opportunities the city affords. Here are four qualities that make our homestay the best full package option for your study abroad plans: Close to Reading Central: The property itself is within 1-min walking distance to IKEA Reading with the large Sainsbury complex retail park including Mac Donalds, Pharmacy, clothes shops, currency exchange, Math & English tuitions , Costa, Boots, Bank, so you will have quick and easy access to food, fun, and all your necessities and access to the main bus stop taking you to Reading central in 20 min.  We can also easily drive to Reading University in 10 min and JMA