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Educational Guardianship



In appointing a guardian, parents do not lose any responsibility of being a parent; instead, they make a trusted contact in the UK, which should be available at a moment's notice to assist their child when needed. 

We hope that it is a source of comfort to families to know that, along with the excellent care provided by UK Schools, your pupils have another responsible adult nearby to help them to navigate the challenges inevitably faced in moving overseas for their education and to support them when it is required.

UK boarding schools and UK Visas Immigration policies guidelines insist (for good and obvious reasons) parents of international students appoint a UK-based guardian. The Guardian will accept legal responsibility for the child and provide the child with a safe place to live during school holidays and periods of illness.

We (at Homestay Reading) only provide Guardianship to our permanent full-time Reading students staying at Homestay Reading and can recommend other UK students to our best-loved AEGIS accreditated guardianship agency partners as we do not place students or offer multi-Guardianships

For pupils under the age of 16 whose parents do not reside in the United Kingdom;

For pupils over 16 whose parents do not reside in the European Union.

For pupils over 16 whose parents do not reside within the United Kingdom but do reside within the European Union, we recommend that a guardian be appointed.

From September 2019, all new pupils should have a guardian that falls into one of the following categories:

  1. A guardian who is accredited by AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students)

  2. An immediate family member or family friend that meets the school's guidelines. A family friend guardian may only act as a guardian for one family.

The parent's responsibility is to satisfy themselves regarding the suitability and availability of a prospective guardian and notify the school of any changes to the Pupil's guardianship arrangements

What are an Educational Guardian's responsibilities?

A Guardian is authorized to discharge the following responsibilities and duties:

  • ●  To be a 24-hour point of contact in place of the parents throughout the school term

  • ●  To register with a doctor and dentist

  • ●  To register with the police & obtain a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP card)

  • ●  To be the person with whom the school liaises on matters relating to the Pupil.            

  • ●  To accommodate the Pupil in an emergency or if the Pupil is for any reason

    required to be away from school or not be in school during the term.

  • ●  To arrange travel to and from school at the beginning and end of terms, at half times and for


  • ●  To arrange proper care and supervised accommodation for holidays, half-term holidays and

    Exeats if the Pupil will not be with their parents.

  • ●  To ensure the Pupil does not stay at a hotel during exeats or half terms unless supervised by

    a responsible adult (over 25)

  • ●  To ensure that arrival and departure times comply with the school's published term dates and


  • ●  To communicate travel arrangements to the school at least two weeks before the Pupil leaves

    Or returns to school, giving exact travel and accommodation details.

  • ●  To make all decisions (including decisions relating to medical care and curriculum choices) in

    relation to the Pupil that a parent could or should make, including the signing of consent forms

    And printing/scanning documents when necessary.

  • ●  To give permission for other arrangements where the Pupil will be away from school, for

    example, school trips or visits to friends

  • ●  To permit the Pupil to participate in activities for which extra charges, such as music lessons, may be payable.

  • ●  To support the Pupil's academic progress, including attending parents' meetings.

  • ●  To communicate with the school regarding the Pupil's welfare and well-being, including any

    Medical matters that have occurred during their stay away from school.

  • ●  To appoint another responsible person to act temporarily as a guardian during absences on

    Holiday or in the event of the Guardian being indisposed. 

Find information to apply for the relevant Student Visa on UKCISA.
Over the last few years, we have enjoyed working with the most reputable high-ranking UK Boarding schools.


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