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Why are UK universities and UK schools relying on vetted family homestay accommodation for UK international students?

UK universities and UK schools are relying on vetted family homestay accommodation for international students for several reasons: It provides a safe and secure living environment for students often away from home for the first time. Homestays offer a better immersive cultural experience and the opportunity for students to practice their English language skills. The families who provide homestay accommodation are vetted for suitability to ensure they meet a range of specific standards, including providing a comfortable and clean living space. Homestay accommodation offers a superior level of care; It is less expensive than other housing options for international students because it includes guardianship, accommodation with all facilities, full board, snacks, laundry, transport, activities and much more. It allows for easing the transition to life in a new country, as students have support and guidance from their homestay families. By living with a local family, international students