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Top 3 Reasons to Study Abroad in Reading, UK

When looking to study abroad and enhance one’s English skills, there is an abundance of appealing cities worldwide to choose from. With the US and UK ranking among the most popular options, as English is the predominant spoken language, many of the first locations that come to mind are big cities that can be unaffordable, confusing for newcomers, and fast-paced for those who are not 100% confident in English. 

We recommend selecting a smaller city or town outside of the major hubs to get a feel for everyday life and the English language with the support of a native family behind you. Our homestay in Reading is conveniently located near the town's main bus & train station, with a population of roughly 300,000. 

There are many perks to choosing to stay in Reading for one’s study abroad…

  • Short ride to London

The train to central London (zone 1) is only 26 minutes from Reading and lands visitors right at the famous Paddington Station in the heart of the nation’s capital. Here you can explore London, visit Buckingham Palace, see the museums, and walk around the beautiful parks. 

  • Reading Festival 

Every summer at the end of August, a music festival takes place in Reading, drawing major bands and musicians from across the world and gathering people from all around the UK to the outdoor venues. Here, you can enjoy your favourite artists' music, food, drinks, and performances. 

  • More affordable than a large city 

Whereas London attracts many students, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world and can be hard for people to afford when they are studying. Reading is close to London geographically, giving students access to all its opportunities. Still, on average, prices in Reading are 32% lower than in London, making it easier for students to get by.