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Top 5 Benefits of UK Homestays for Students

Planning to study abroad in the UK? You're not alone! Thousand of students choose to study at one of England's world-renowned universities every year. Studying abroad in the UK is extremely popular due to its academic prestige, cultural diversity, tourist attractions, and a wide variety of study opportunities. To study in the UK, you will need either a student visa, child student visa, or a short-term study visa; more really helpful pieces of information about the student application process can be viewed here UKCISA

All teenagers who study abroad in the UK are required to have a guardian and a Host Family under UK legislation. This ensures that students and their parents have a trusted contact in the UK who can be reached at a moment's notice to assist the student.

For boarding school students, Although your child will be living at school as their main residence, the school boarding house will normally close for short holidays and maybe some weekends throughout the year. UK based students usually go home to their parents at this time and overseas students, who do not have parents or family friends who are residents here, need a host family to stay with during these times.

What is a Homestay? 

A homestay offers accommodation with a welcoming family who can support you during your stay in the UK. Host families welcome students into their homes and treat them like family, providing travel tips, social opportunities, cultural immersion, and valuable information about the area. Host families can serve as guardians to international students at boarding schools or simply offer a safe home for students who don't want to stay on campus or rent a flat. 

5 Benefits of Homestays

  1. You'll feel like a part of the family. 

Homestays are not like hotels. You'll be staying at someone's home, and you'll receive a much warmer welcome compared to staying at a hotel or campus residency. People who sign up to run homestays do it because they love meeting new people and supporting students abroad to study. Your host family will make sure you arrive safely and make the most of your time abroad.

  1. Homestays provide excellent social opportunities.

Coming to the UK alone? You won't have to worry about getting lonely at a homestay. You'll have the opportunity to develop life-long friendships with your host family and fellow students at the house. Your host will also guide the city and give you information about fun activities to do during your time off studying. 

  1. Homestays can provide guardianship for boarding school students. 

Sending your child to a boarding school abroad is an exciting step in their future, but the idea of being so far away from their children can be difficult for parents. Put your mind at ease by finding a great host and guardian for your child while studying in the UK. With a host family, your child will have a home away from home to visit during school holidays and a nearby family to contact in case of an emergency. 

  1. You'll be immersed in English. 

Thousands of students study English in the UK each year. Students studying the English language in the UK can take advantage of the English speaking host families and practice conversational English every day. This way, students can take what they've learned at school and use it directly with the host family for extra practice. 

  1. Homestays are incredibly supportive. 

Moving abroad can be a bit nerve-wracking. Host families make the process easier by offering personal support during your stay. They are experts on the local scene and can help you navigate the new city by giving your directions, helping you set up a SIM card, and recommending the best attractions. 

Make the most out of your study abroad experience by choosing to stay with a family who can support you and treat you like a family member. Homestays are an excellent way to make sure you have an educational journey you'll never forget. Our homestay in Reading is a perfect choice for students coming to study in the UK.


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