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Why do UK boarding schools rely on vetted host families?

 UK boarding schools rely on vetted host families for several reasons:

  1. Increased Demand: There has been a growing demand for UK boarding schools from international students, particularly from countries outside Europe. Host families provide a secure, supportive and familiar environment for these students, which is particularly essential for younger students.

  2. Emergencies and sickness: Host families provide emergency stays.

  3. Cultural Experience: Living with a host family provide international students with a unique cultural experience and helps them integrate into the local community.

  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Host families provide an all-in-one, cost-effective alternative to traditional boarding school accommodation, which can be expensive.

  5. Improved Welfare: Host families provide additional support and care for international students, which helps strengthen their welfare while studying away from home.

  6. Fostering Relationships: Host families provide a valuable opportunity for international students to form strong relationships with people in their host country, which help to broaden their cultural understanding and provide support during their time in the UK.

  7. Safeguarding: Vetting host families ensure they have been thoroughly screened and considered suitable to provide a safe and secure student environment. This helps minimize the risk of harm to students and ensures they are protected while living away from home.

  8. Trust: Vetting host families build trust with students, parents, guardians, and boarding schools. This help provides peace of mind for all parties involved and ensures successful placement.

  9. Compliance with Regulations: Regulations and accreditation standards require boarding schools to use only vetted host families to accommodate international students. This helps ensure that the school complies with relevant regulations and standards and can continue to offer this type of accommodation to international students.

  10. Quality Control: Vetting host families help ensure that the accommodation quality is consistent, appropriate and meets the needs of international students. This ensures that students are comfortable and happy in their new environment, which can positively impact their academic performance and overall experience.

By relying on vetted host families, UK boarding schools can provide a safe and secure environment for international students and maintain high standards of quality and compliance with regulations.