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Why is vetted family homestay for UK overseas students preferred by UK Boarding schools, AEGIS and UKVI?


  1. Safety and security: Vetted family homestays provide a safe and secure environment for young students far from home. This is also particularly important for younger students who are attending boarding schools.

  2. Cultural Immersion: Family homestays offer students the opportunity to experience the local culture firsthand and learn about the customs, traditions, and lifestyle of a British family. This help students develop faster and more efficiently to life in a new country.

  3. Language Practice: Living with a British family and, better yet, a multi-language family offers students the opportunity to practice multi-languages and their English language skills daily. This can be particularly beneficial for students learning English as a second language and others languages.

  4. Monitoring and Supervision: Family homestays provide extra monitoring and supervision for students, which are considered necessary for boarding schools and UKVI when considering student visas. So much so today that most UK boarding schools have adopted AEGIS guidelines as part of their policies, meaning that UK overseas students are only permitted to be hosted by families vetted by AEGIS and AEGIS-accredited guardianship agencies.
  5. Support System: Vetted Family homestays are trained in safeguarding and providing emotional support, advice, and guidance to students struggling with the challenges of being away from home.

The British Council and AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students, also recognize the benefits of family homestays and provide guidance and recommendations for homestay providers to ensure that students receive quality care and support.


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