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UK boarding schools information about ranking lists for international students

There are several reputable ranking lists available online that you may find helpful. Here are some resources to consider:

  1. The Times and Sunday Times Good Schools Guide: This guide lists top boarding schools in the UK based on various factors, including academic results, student-teacher ratio, and facilities.

  2. The Telegraph UK Boarding School Guide: This guide provides a comprehensive list of boarding schools in the UK and includes reviews, rankings, and detailed information about each school.

  3. The Independent Schools Council (ISC): The ISC represents over 1,300 independent schools in the UK, including many boarding schools. They provide information on each school's academic results, fees, and facilities.

  4. The Boarding Schools' Association (BSA): The BSA represents over 500 boarding schools in the UK and provides information on admissions, fees, and facilities.

It's important to remember that ranking lists are subjective and should not be the only factor considered when choosing a boarding school. You should also consider your personal needs and preferences, such as location, size, extracurricular activities, and support services. Additionally, it's recommended to visit the schools in person or attend virtual tours to better understand the school's culture and environment.

And also important to note that, most of all, UK boarding schools have adopted AEGIS guidelines in their policies, meaning that Overseas students under 18 must have UK Guardian and a vetted suitable host family during sickness, absence, Exeats and half terms when international students are not going back home.